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Programs Overview

The Links, Incorporated has a long tradition of promoting and engaging in educational, civic, and
intercultural activities that enrich the lives of members of the Black community. The cornerstone of our service is our five programming facets: Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services,
International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services. Through these facets, we implement programs and initiatives that address the most critical needs of underserved communities.

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Services to Youth

The Links, Incorporated created its first program, Services to Youth, to empower black youth to use their intellect and spirit of achievement to become successful and productive citizens. Through this facet, The Links, Inc. implements transformational programs responsive to youth, academic, cultural, career development, and mentoring needs. The Services to Youth facet uses an integrated approach to prepare young people to succeed as healthy citizens in the global workforce and to promote healthy lifestyles within families and communities.

The Arts 

The Arts Facet aims to produce and support programs to enrich the quality of life of our youth and communities through educational and engaging art experiences. Our programming includes arts integration and partnerships with like-minded organizations, sowing the seed of creativity more profound in our community.

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National Trends & Services

The National Trends and Services facet is tasked with eliminating disparities by reducing barriers to resources through advocacy, education, and service. Our chapters are empowered to raise their voices and transform the communities in which they work. The facet’s goals include increasing the number of sustainable and measurable programs, increasing collaborative partnerships, and extending our existing initiatives to include communities identified as having the greatest need.

International Trends & Services

The International Trends and Services facet provides services and delivers transformational programs to people of African ancestry globally so that they may have a better quality of life. Programs are designed and developed to service educational, health, and cultural needs and to help people emerge from poverty.

A primary objective of our international work is to enrich the lives of women and their families. Our “boots on the ground” approach provides more personalized methods for assisting and improving the lives of women, children, and men worldwide through long-term programs committed to empowerment and public policy leadership in advocating for social justice.

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Health & Human Services

The Links, Incorporated established the Health and Human Services facet in response to the chronic health disparities that persist in black communities and result in the decreased life expectancy of African Americans and other people of African ancestry. The goal of HHS is to promote and facilitate programs that support maintaining good health and eliminating chronic health disparities in communities of color through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources. Community education about health risks is crucial, and The Links, Incorporated plays a significant role in providing it.

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